Meet the Team

Patrick Shaw – General Manager

Patrick arrived in Spain in 1997. He worked as a Manager for one of the largest UK Tour Operators, gaining a high level of Customer Service experience.  His years in the Tourism industry enabled him to acquire knowledge in the Private Healthcare sector in Spain.

Following several years working as a Key Account Manager in a Private Hospital he spent over two years as General Manager of a UK Cosmetic Surgery Group based in Marbella.

As General Manager of Cortijo Care he is both proud and honored to be involved in such a worthwhile facility.


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Head of Psychiatry/Medical Director – Dr Enrique Trujillano

Enrique carried out his medical training at University of Medicine in Malaga, and obtained a specialization as a Psychiatrist through MIR at the Reina Sofía Hospital in Córdoba, where he received specific training in different areas.

Enrique regularly conducts training and refresher courses in Psychiatry, the most noteworthy being the Master’s Degree in Behavior Therapy by the UNED, the Intensive Electroconvulsive Therapy Course (coordinator Dr. Mikel Urretavizcaya), the Course in Prevention and Management of Postpartum Depression (coordinator Dra. Ana González-Pinto) and the update course in the management of psychiatric drugs in the perinatal stage (coordinator Dra. María Luisa Imaz) and the Update Course in ADHD by the Fundación Psiformación. He has also made numerous communications in Regional and National Congresses, obtaining the first prize for the best Communication of the twenty-sixth National Congress of Legal Psychiatry.



Alexandra Madureira – Psychologist MBPsS

Alexandra is a qualified psychologist who deeply values the importance of the humanistic approach focussing fully on accepting, understanding and valuing individual human beings for who they are before facilitating them to become all that they intrinsically can be.

Alexandra has experience in a variety of different perspectives and has created a powerful and effective combination that she tailors to meet each individual and situation. She weaves together different and complementary approaches, most notably humanistic, neurobiological, DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy) and developmental to benefit the client.

Alexandra has pioneered bringing neurofeedback technology and expertise to Europe, mainly Portugal and England where she has worked as a lead psychologist for the last 10 years successfully setting up and running programmes and centres in both London and Portugal.

Alexandra has significant experience and success working with clients that have suffered trauma, working deeply with people suffering from addiction.  Alexandra’s biggest strengths are her charisma, passion, commitment, creativity and vision. Her exquisite empathy, broad knowledge of human mind, and experience in dealing with people facilitates a great deal the therapy work.


Lynn Gruwez – Psychologist

Lynn holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Psychology of Málaga, that she completed in 2013, and obtained a specialization as a Clinical Psychologist through the Sanitary Master in Clinical Practice (2014, AEPCCC / European Foundation of Psychology).

Originally from Belgium, she began her professional career as a therapist in an Addiction Treatment Centre in Flanders.

She has been part of our therapeutic team since June 2017 and sees patients in English, Spanish and Dutch. Her creative and human approach, her flexibility to adapt to the needs of each person, and her passion for what she does every day are some of her strengths.




Sandra Fernandes – Clinic Coordinator

Sandra is a qualified psychologist with a degree from Ismai University. She was a practising psychologist at one of the biggest treatment centres in Europe, Promis Clinics after which she helped several international projects open that included new clinics in Madrid, Marbella and Portugal. She also was a Manager for 3 years at a clinic that combines leading edge neuroscience with high quality psychotherapy.

Sandra is now a dedicated member of our administration team and brings a wealth of experience to the team.



HannahHannah Rushforth – Key Worker

Hannah has worked in the mental health & addiction sector for the past 12 years.

Hannah worked in an acute NHS mental health unit, moving into a support worker role within various community drug & alcohol teams. Progression led to being a key worker, working within the prison service & helping addicts in Essex.

Hannah moved to Spain in 2008 for a “better quality of life” and she has worked in Rehab Centers covering all addictions & mental health issues.


IMG_6990 (Small)Raquel Nicolls – RMN Psychiatric Nurse

Raquel has worked as a Psychiatric Nurse for the past 25 years.  She has worked mainly in the acute ward setting, Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, Community Drug and Alcohol Services in the UK and also with the Gibraltar Health Authority in Gibraltar for 4 years and living in Spain for the past 5 years.  Raquel brings an wide-range of experience to Cortijo Care.




IMG_1723María Ruiz – RGN Nurse

María completed her nursing degree at the University of Murcia in 2011. She obtained her qualification as a Mental Nurse after completing the training period between 2012-2014.

She has received training in several psycho therapeutic models, especially in Systemic Family Therapy and she is currently training in Integrative Cognitive-Analytic Psychotherapy. Maria has a degree in Psychosocial Intervention in Disasters and Sociopolitical violence from the Complutense University of Madrid.

She is also author of several communications to Mental Health Congress and articles published in specialized journals.


Fernando Ruiz Garcia – RGN Nurse

Fernando completed his studies in nursing in 2010 from the University of Malaga. He qualified as specialist in mental health, having passed a period as internal resident nurse between 2012 and 2014.

He has 3 titles of expert: Diploma in Nutritional Pathology, University Expert in Cancer and Cell Growth, and Diploma in Mental Health. He is the author of several oral presentations and scientific posters presented at national conferences of Mental Health. His work experience includes: Medical Centers, National Health System, Geriatrics (UK and Spain), psychiatric clinics and rehabs.


Ines (Small)

Maria Ines Postigo – RGN Nurse

Maria Ines is a registered general nurse who studied at the University of Malaga between 2007-2010. Ines has three university expertise’s: in legal and forensic nursing, in obesity (diagnosis, monitoring and treatment) and in nutrition and dietetics (cardiovascular risk factors). Ines emphasizes her experience in health and psycho-geriatric centres, in addition to general hospitals.

Her goal is to cover patient holistically  care in order to address the impact on human responses and measure and promote their individual, family and community well-being.


Paloma Fernández Pérez – RGN Nurse

Paloma is a graduate in Nursing from the University of Málaga, from the 2009-2013 class. She has three University Expertise’s: Nursing in Mental Health and Psychiatry; Management of RR.HH in Nursing and Statistics Applied to Health Sciences. She is the author of numerous International Virtual Communications in different Spanish-speaking Health Congresses.

She has national and international professional experience, covering both public and private National Hospitals, English Public Health System Hospital, geriatric residence, Primary Care, Ambulance and Mental Health Clinic and treatment of addictions.

For Paloma, each working day is an opportunity for learning and enrichment, in order to give each patient personalized and human attention, in accordance with the vital process that they are living.


Alba Carvajal Ángel – RGN Nurse

Alba completed her studies as a Graduate in Nursing from the University of Seville in 2013. She has a University Master in Nutrition, Health and Functional Foods. Currently, she is finishing her studies as an Expert in Mental Health and Psychiatry, as well as an Expert in Family and Community Nursing. She is the author of several communications of scientific rigor in various congresses within Spain.
Her experience includes health canter’s and hospitals in the public as well as the private sector.
For Alba, caring for patients and having the human touch are the reasons she went into nursing.



Rocío Martín Ponce – RGN Nurse

Rocío graduated in Nursing from the University of Cádiz, in 2013-2017. She has a University Masters in Sports and Geriatric Nursing and care in adulthood and in Vascular Pathology for Nursing.

For her, her daily objective is to be able to respond to the biopsychosocial demands of patients. Rocio has a natural instinct for caring, treating and supporting them.



alicia (Small)Alicia Torres Aguilera – RGN Nurse

Alicia is a Registered General Nurse who completed her nursing degree in Ronda in the summer of 2013. To highlight her outstanding academic record and her continued training, she is a trained Expert of Nurses Data Protection, she has also passed almost twenty postgraduate courses and she is currently working on a master’s degree in Mental Health, including Patients with Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases and also Nurse Prescribing and Pharmacotherapy.

Meeting the emotional, psychological and physical needs of the patient is her daily goal.


cristina 1 (Small)Cristina Sanchez Jimenez – RGN Nurse

Cristina is a Registered General Nurse and completed her nursing degree in Madrid in 2009.  She has worked in Accident and Emergency Units and in Intensive Care.  She has two masters’ degrees in Intervention and Counselling in Urgency, Emergency and Catastrophe and also in International Health.  Cristina has written three books relating to nursing assistant training and is currently writing another.  Christina also has two expert and specialist college degrees in “Nutrition and Dietetics in Cardiovascular Disease” and “Nutrition, Dietetics, Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine in Cardiovascular Disease”.

To Cristina nursing is providing quality care to the patient to achieve the highest possible physical and mental welfare.


PatriciaPatricia Ruiz Gallardo – RGN Nurse

Patricia completed her nursing studies in 2006 in Malaga. Since then she has developed her career in the hospital field within the province, with both paediatrics and adults.  Patricia completed multiple graduate courses and three related to cancer research, community health and nursing management. She has experience in both the public and private health system and has worked in psychiatric nursing centres in Malaga.

Patricia is currently training to improve in the field of nursing and her vocation and commitment to her patients are her top priority.


Antonia Gomez Lebron  -Auxiliary Nurse/Recepcionist

Antonia is trained as an Auxiliary Nurse. She has worked primarily in schools and the health and social services, specializing in the behavioural disorders unit, providing comprehensive care for people with psychiatric disorders, dementia and associated dependency.

Antonia has performed other duties such as comprehensive care for a high-dependency unit and continues to develop her knowledge by attending training courses related to psychiatry.



IMG_6982 (Small)Antonio Verdugo Guillen – Head of Gardening and Maintenance

Antonio is the very proud gardener of Cortijo Care; having cared for the gardens for the past 14 years, following in the footsteps of his father who worked here, caring for the extensive gardens for 10 years before that.

Antonio has resided in the San Pedro area for the last 49 years and is very proud of his work and cares for the gardens and grounds with extreme devotion to ensure that it looks its best at all times.



Ana Maria Postigo – Limpiadora

Ana Maria spent many years caring and maintaining large family houses and enjoys being the Head of Housekeeping at Cortijo Care. She has a keen eye for cleanliness and in coordination of the team to ensure high levels of hygiene.




A residential facility for your emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing.

Whether in the height of a crisis or if the treatment is planned we will welcome, listen and care for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cortijo Care is a fully licensed and accredited treatment centre which is subject to in-depth and regular inspections by the relevant local authorities. We not only exceed the strict criteria set by the local authorities but comply and exceed the standards set in Europe.