Welcome To Cortijo Care Marbella

Cortijo Care is an exclusive and luxury Psychological Wellbeing Clinic offering a unique, holistic and therapeutic approach to Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders and General Psychiatry. Set in 6,800 metres of beautiful parkland, Cortijo Care is just a 5 minute flat walk to the beach, offering a setting of complete privacy, safety and serenity. Our program is an invitation to discover, to learn and to change, utilising the most comprehensive and sophisticated treatment programmes available. Cortijo Care is supported by a multi skilled and multi disciplinary team who offer an individualised approach to care delivery for in-patient, day patient and out-patient services.

A residential facility for your emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing.


There are two types of addiction, substance addiction and behavioural addiction, both of which are a mood altering habit that affects a person’s ability to function in day to day life…Learn More

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice or a diet gone ‘too far’, but a serious illness that can occur in both men and women, young and old, rich and poor, and from all cultural…Learn More

General Psychiatry

There are many different levels of mental health illness from mild to severe cases. A mental health illness individual doesn’t always look like they are unwell if their illness…Learn More

General Respite

Cortijo Care is able to offer respite care to those in need of a break, whether it be for post-operative care or for general time out, Cortijo Care has the facilities in place…Learn More

Cortijo Care’s 4 Stage Programme

The 4 available stages gives you a flexible programme to meet your treatment needs in order to build foundations to discover meaning and purpose in your life. This structure offers an opportunity to those who are struggling with varying levels of life’s experiences, allowing each treatment program to be tailored specifically to each person’s needs. We are a qualified caring and passionate team of professionals, that comprises of leading psychiatrists, doctors, psychotherapists, counsellors, family therapists, trainers, and 24hr medical and psychiatric nursing care. This is all overseen by our Medical Director to ensure we are uniquely prepared to provide tailored treatment packages for every individual, meeting all of our patient´s emotional, psychological and psychical needs.

Acute 24HR Care

24Hr Medical and Psychiatric support, offering detoxification where required and high risk mental health…Learn More


One to One Therapy, Group Therapy, Educational Lectures, Occupational and Development Therapies, Nutrition… Learn More

Independent Living

Clients are encouraged to live more independently whilst continuing with their own individual treatment… Learn More


Once our clients have successfully completed their treatment programme, the Cortijo Care team are here to… Learn More