General Respite

Cortijo Care is able to offer respite care to those in need of a break, for post-operative care or for general time out.


Post-Operative Care

Cortijo Care are able to offer post-operative care with 24 hour nursing assistance.

Sometimes people, who are otherwise healthy, have an acute episode of illness or require a surgical procedure that causes them to require more help. Following discharge from hospital an individual may feel unable to cope within their own home, this is where Cortijo Care can help.  Surgery places tremendous strain on our body, therefore the quality of care received during recovery is extremely important.

Our team at Cortijo Care offer a first class level of support within a caring and professional environment, taking into consideration psychological, physical and social needs.

We respect your privacy and dignity and provide an individual and holistic care approach that promotes wellness and independence.

We recognise that both acute medical illness and surgical procedures are vast in their complexity, so our delivery of care is focused on individual needs. We believe well managed care reduces the risk of complications aiding a favorable recovery.

Cortijo Care adopt a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation with the fundamental goal of enabling you to return to your own home as soon as possible.  We strive to get you better…to get you home.

Care of a Loved One

Caring for a loved one can be rewarding, but time off for both of you is essential, at Cortijo Care we can offer your family member a safe place to stay with 24 hour care whilst you take a holiday or have a few days break.


General Respite

If you are in need of time out from day to day stresses or just to unwind in a relaxing atmosphere with all home comforts then Cortijo Care is the ideal place to come. During your stay we encourage you to relax and pamper yourself, partake in relaxation or art therapy classes and if required attend one to one therapy or group sessions.

When you or your loved one arrives for a stay with us, they will be greeted with a warm welcome; a key carer/nurse will be assigned to them and shown around the grounds and to their bedroom, assisting wherever needed to settle in.

Their stay is important to us so we will try to take into consideration any normal routines and rituals, likes and dislikes, how they would like to be helped on a daily basis, any food likes or dislikes and sleep patterns.