Admission Process – Eating Disorders

If you think you or a loved one has an eating disorder and you would like us here at Cortijo Care to help, then the first port of call would be to either call us on (+34) 952 780 181 for a discreet and confidential chat, to complete the form on this page or to send us an email letting us know the basic outlines of your needs along with your contact number to enable us to give you a call at a time to suit you.

Once we have been in touch we can then, if possible, arrange for an assessment either here at our clinic or via telephone if you or your loved one is living abroad. After this we can discuss the recommended treatment programme and arrange admission to the clinic.

Upon arrival at the clinic you will be allocated a Key Nurse who will see you to your room and talk you through the process of admission and treatment and arrange an appointment for you to meet with the doctor or psychiatrist.

Please feel free to ask us any questions before admission to enable us to put your mind at ease before you arrive.

We at Cortijo Care are here to help. Cortijo Care is set up to help anyone suffering with an eating disorder; Our Acute Care (Detox) and Rehabilitation programme treat the psychological issues surrounding the eating disorder, enabling clients to learn how to cope with life, getting to the root of the eating disorder and learning how to handle emotions and anxieties in a safe place.

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